Meet The Blonde Traveler

Hey there! My name is Monika, also known as the “Blonde Traveler”. I’m your all Canadian girl, born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I am 24 years old, I recently graduated from University and I now work a full-time job. I spend my summers at the cottage and my winters skiing and watching hockey.

I have grown up traveling my whole life but in the last few years, it’s become my passion. As a total adventure junkie, I am always eager to see new places and try new things. From paragliding through the French Alps to skydiving in Hawaii, I have done some of the most thrilling activities out there. For the most part, my newfound love for traveling began during my semester abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. During this time, I had the opportunity to visit eight different countries. It was an incredible experience. Since then, my passion for traveling has only grown.

Aside from work and travel, I have endless love for country concerts, cottage weekends and of course my friends and family. I considered myself a hard-core foodie, fitness fanatic and a self-proclaimed bargain shopper. I love all things health, wellness, and beauty. Apart from all this, I am my happiest at the cottage, sitting by the lake with a glass of wine in hand.



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