Flying During Covid-19

7:45pm take off.

It's been 268 days since the last time I stepped foot on a plane or in an airport.

I'll be the first to admit I was extremely nervous to fly. However, I was also extremely curious as to what travel looked like in our social distancing age.

Here's how the days leading up to my flight went down.

Must- Haves

Like any other trip, there was a list of things I needed to purchase prior to leaving. Typically my list consists of:

  • Advil

  • Gravol

  • new toothbrush

  • snacks

  • travel size products

  • etc.

This time around that list was a little bit different.

  • Tylenol

  • gravol

  • hydration pills

  • LOTS of hand sanitizer

  • new masks

  • disinfectant wipes

  • pre-packaged snacks (things that I wouldn't have to touch to eat - no finger foods)

COVID- 19 Testing

Anyone who wants a test can get a test in Canada. I'm grateful for that because I was able to get tested at the beginning of the week. The test results came back negative - I knew I was negative but I wanted that peace of mind since I'm staying with a family friend in Kelowna.

Direct Flights

Pre COVID-19 I was a frugal traveler - I was always looking to save money where I could. I would purchase the cheapest flights even if it meant two layovers for a great amount of time. However, that is not the case this time - I am SO grateful that my flight is direct as this minimized the chance of picking up the virus on another plane or from other travelers.


Like everywhere else in the world all travelers must wear a mask when in the airport and while on the plane - I thought I was going to have an issue with this (since my flight is 5 hrs) but here are some tips and trick that helped me:

  • do NOT wear makeup under your mask

  • bring makeup wipes with you on the plane

  • ensure you have a couple of masks with you so you can switch them out if they get gross

  • bring Peppermint Sage roller with you - keeps me calm and feeling fresh


Zone by zone, boarding began. I was window seat row 17. Prior to boarding I had impressions that every other row was going to be empty however that was not the case. Only middle seats were unoccupied so I’d say the plane was about 85% full. (This stressed me out). As I sat there and listened to the safety protocols over the mic another flight attendant was handing out a “Covid Kit” which included: disinfectant wipes, a mask, gloves, and a hand sanitizer. 

Aside, from having to wear a mask the entire flight everything else was the same — I tossed and turned in my seat and watched Netflix’s.


Five hours later and we touched down in Vancouver. When we landed my original thoughts were that we were going to exit the plane row by row in order to encourage social distancing... LOL that did NOT happen. As soon as the seat belt sign went was switched off it was the typical “plane departure rush.” (this stressed me out) AND to top it off it is NOT mandatory to wear a face covering anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Kudos to Air Transat and all the staff — they made flying during Covid-19 feel safe, comfortable, and normal. Aside, from everything above I am very happy that I decided to travel - you have to get over the travel guilt).

Vancouver travel guide coming soon — next stop Kelowna.

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