Happy Birthday To Me!

Better late than never... Six goals that I want to focus on in my 24th year

Happy belated 24th birthday to me!

At what age are we officially an adult? When I was younger, I thought that by 24 I would be engaged and/or living on my own and now I’m like… hold up I’m not ready to fully grow up quite yet. Why did I think by a certain age I would have it all together? Age is truly just a number and I think society sets expectations for us to feel like we need to be doing something or to be somewhere by a certain age. Today I can say - I am where I want to be in life, personally and professionally. I have exceeded my expectations for what I wanted to achieve by this age. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that by twenty-four, I’d graduate from both University and College, backpack South East Asia and Australia and be managing a Human Resources department. Heading into my twenty-fourth year – I will continue to remind myself that what you put into life is what you get out of it. My goal for the year ahead is to continue to create good habits for myself.

Six goals that I want to focus on in my twenty-forth year:

Learn to rest: Lately, my stress is through the roof - I need to make it a priority to reduce the stress in my daily life. When I'm stressed, I tend not to rest which is what my body and mind need the most. I am often caught in the vicious cycle of “too much to do and too little time do it” – I feel as if I must be constantly on-the-go and must always be doing something. I need to focus on finding a balance between what needs to be done and what can wait to be done. Drink more water: I know that water is good for me and I know that if I am feeling off, it’s usually because I haven’t had enough water. I always carry a water bottle with me it’s just a matter of refilling it throughout the day. I am going to get into the habit of drinking 2 liters a day but I need to find what works for me… whether it’s getting a new bottle, adding lemon and/or setting reminders in my phone. Exercise: I've always loved to work out and I’ve learned over the years that when I am anxious or stressed working out is the best cure. Now that there’s not much else to do - I'm able to workout 5-6 times a week. I make sure I mix it up between HITT, weight lifting, YouTube circuits, and walks outside. Be more present: Being present allows us to appreciate the little things in life – although I do, I can be the first to admit that my face is often buried in my phone. As hard as it is, I need to get in the habit of putting my phone down and escaping the digital world. Mind and Body Care: Over the last couple of months I've made sure to give a little extra care to my mind and body. Working out and going for walks are two things that ease my anxiety, clear my mind, and keep me on track. I make sure that I take time out of my schedule to do things such as; sit outside, clean, go for a drive or put on a face mask – these simple things make me a much happier human. Healthy meal plan: Being consistently on-the-go, I find it difficult to eat healthy all the time. I demand a lot from my body and I know that I need to fuel it properly… and for me, it’s a matter of planning and getting back on track. I love my chocolate and the odd glass of wine – nothing wrong with that! Everything in moderation!


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