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Happy Thursday!

First off, if you don’t use Peppermint Halo AT LEAST once a day are you even human? I swear I live by this product! Whether, I’m at home, in the office, in my car or traveling I always use Sage Products – I’ve kind of become dependent on them… There stockpiled in my room, spread all over my desk and packed into my purse – I never go ANYWHERE without a roller. The best thing about Sage products is that they actually WORK! They have you feeling fresh, rejuvenated and support your everyday wellness.

Here are my 8 everyday Sage favs!

Peppermint Halo I have been using this one for years and NEVER leave my house without it. This blend is a number one remedy for headache relief, but also the perfect mid-day pick-me-up.

Stress Release It’s no secret. The past month has been difficult. I’m actually out of this blend… LOL! I use this blend to soothe any anxiety or nervousness and it keeps me feeling calm.

Energy Are you feeling sluggish? Are you dependent on caffeine to get you through the day? This revitalizing remedy is the perfect natural pick-me-up! Sleep Well I freckin LOVE this roller! Like no wonder, it’s a best seller and I swear it works wonders! It is a soothing blend of oils that leaves your body feeling relaxed and sends you into one deep sleep. Arrive Revived Not a blend I use every day but a blend I use every time I travel. If you’re a traveler then I highly recommend having this roller in your carry-on bag! Toronto to Vancouver, Vancouver to Sydney Australia - no matter what time zone you’re in this jet lag remedy keeps you feeling energized and refreshed. Goddess Euphoric Face Mist No joke! Just a couple sprays and a deep inhale; this face mist will have you feeling like a goddess! Liquid Sunshine The name says it all – this essential oil blend works wonders! Now that warmer weather is approaching; my weekend go-to routine is to open my bedroom windows and to fill my room with uplifting citrus scents. This is by far my FAV diffuser blend and I swear every time you use it, it will make you want to sing, "I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!), I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!) I'm walking on sunshine (Wow!) And don't it feel good!"

Deep Breath Breathe in and let it go… if only it was that easy. Right? If feeling stressed, anxious or unable to relax - this is the perfect blend!

What are your everyday go-to Sage products?


The Blonde Traveler

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