Visiting Ubud

Immerse yourself in Balinese Cultural.

Hello travelers!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been over a year since I visited Ubud! I was completely overwhelmed by the charm of this town and how lively it was. As one of my top travel destinations, I highly recommend adding Ubud to your itinerary.

If you are looking for a quick and informative guide, continue scrolling to find all my Ubud favs!

May you be a culture lover, food lover, adventure lover or nature lover… Ubud has something for everyone. Bali's cultural capital is known for it's beautiful temples, terraced rice fields, and jungle vibes. Catch a glimpse of the local life when visiting Central Ubud - you'll find fresh fruit stands, dainty cafes, delicious restaurants, and unique shops.


DD Bamboo Lodge: This amazing Air BnB find is a 10/10! Located in the lush greenery and amongst rice fields - if you want to relax and enjoy the natural ambiance of Ubud’s surroundings, then this is the place for you.


  • Breakfast was brought to our room every morning

  • Amazing hospitality

  • Offered all the amenities we needed (wifi, coffee, towels,etc.)

  • Very private

  • Transportation (if needed)


  • Located about 20 minutes outside of Central Ubud

  • We were visited by a couple of different animals

  • No air conditioning

  • Expensive per night

  • The upstairs is completely open. There are no doors... only a curtain between you and the wilderness - be prepared to be visited by wildlife


Ubud might just have some of the best food in the world! Everything we ate was fresh and filled with flavour (a foodie’s dream). Aside from eating fresh fruit every day - my top three restaurant picks:

Herb Library: Total Instagram vibes here! After a long day of travel this was the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate. The menu was filled with great food options for vegan, vegetarian and omnivores. I recommend the Avo N’ Toast and the Bali iced coffee.

Clear Cafe: This delicious, all-organic cafe was nestled in the heart of Ubud. Whether you're there for a coffee or a girl's night out the atmosphere is contagious. Filled with fresh flowers, natural sunlight, and laughter; this place is a must!

Bali Buda Cafe: Have you ever had food that was too pretty to eat? They deliver healthy, delicious food while reducing their impact on the planet. I recommend the Earth Bowl and the Bulletproof Coffee.

Must See/Do

There's no shortage of recommendations on the Internet of what to see or do in Ubud. We stuck to the tourist areas and attractions; if crowds aren't your thing stay away from highly populated tourist areas. One recommended tourist attraction that we stayed away from was the Sacred Monkey Forest, due to a previous bad experience in Thailand, we opted out of this – if planning to visit do your research prior.

Coffee Plantation: If you're a coffee lover like myself visiting Luwak Coffee Plantation is a must. Enjoy an unguided walking tour through the rainforest and finish it off with countless coffee samples. The Luwak Coffee Plantation is famous for its ‘poop coffee,’ nasty right?

Bali Swings: We visited Hidden Hills Wanagiri home of the famous Bali swings. This Instagram famous photo spot is buried in the lush jungle of Ubud. If you are a thrill-seeker or just killing for a good upload I recommend the Bali swing. The price to swing on the is around 40$ CAD. Expensive but worth it!

Rice Terraces: The Tegallalang Rice Terraces is a must-see! Scenic hillsides and lush greenery for miles. My only advice is to dress for a hike and not a fashion show. As I was wearing a dress and flip-flops... I quickly found myself hiking up the side of the rice terraces barefoot, covered in mud and sweating... not so pretty after all. This tourist attraction is free up until you're hustled by a child and you're walking away with five handmade out for hawkers particularly in this area.

Getting Around

For our entire stay in Ubud we hired a driver to get us from place to place. This is an affordable and reliable mode of transportation. For additional information on the best ways to get around Ubud or different types of transportation refer to my full Bali Travel Guide.

So, would I go back?? The answer is YES! Throughout all my travels, Ubud remains at the top of my list for must-see travel destinations. It offers so much for everyone, it was relaxing and low key, but still filled with adventure and fun!

Follow my journey through Bali... Next stop Seminyak.

Until next time Ubud!


The Blonde Traveler

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