Wine Tasting Wednesday

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Hello & Happy Wine Wednesday!

Calling all you wine lovers! Today’s post is going to be a little bit different – What if I was to tell you that you no longer have to travel to a vineyard for wine tasting. Yes. You heard me right! There is an option to do a guided wine tasting from the comfort of your own backyard or home. (Perfect during these Covid times) Last Wednesday I had the privileged of being part of a wine tasting in my backyard; which meant I didn't even have to leave the house. Talk about a win, win situation!

Ok. So, you’re probably wondering how do I get my hands on hosting an event like this! See below for everything you need to know!

Who: Living in such a small town – my neighbour just happens to be the owner and founder of Trayvino Wine Company LTD. Trayvino Wine is a customer-centric wine partner, committed to the sourcing and delivery of high-quality innovative wines from around the world to the Canadian marketplace for every occasion.

What: I’m sure we’ve all been on one or two maybe even three wine tours before but what Trayvino Wine Company so special is that they will actually come to your house to host a wine tasting event. Aside from these private events and parties, Trayvino also offers strategic representation, strategic consulting, and wine training.

Coming from a girl who’s been on her fair share of wine tours what I loved about Trayvino was how personable and passionate Tracy was. She was so knowledgeable about each wine – she took the time to really make sure that we all knew everything about that particular glass. Whether, it was the back story of where the wine came from, or the particular type of meat to pair with it – Tracy explained it all.

Where: I loved that this event was held in my own backyard – Trayvino works mostly in around the GTA but is open to exploring more into the GTHA.

When: If you’re like me and looking for any excuse to drink… I mean catch up with friends. LOL! Then I say this is a perfect event/party for you to host – of course, depending on where you are located and what type of COVID restrictions are in place.

Why: Well, why not? Firstly, there’s nothing better than wine – whether it’s girl’s night out, a couple’s night in, workplace team building or an evening of celebration. Secondly, this is a perfect way to spice up any regular evening. Lastly, Trayvino is a small, Canadian, female-owned and operated business.

How: For any inquiries or bookings please visit Trayvino's website here. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

My Experience: I'm sure we've all been to the classic Tupperware party, jewelry party, candle party, and the list goes on... this was by far one the best "parties" that I've attended. I would give my overall experience a 10/10. I loved the varieties of wines that we got to taste, I loved how knowledgeable Tracy was about each wine and I loved that she added a personable touch to each story for each bottle of wine. Lastly, I loved that you are shopping local, while supporting a local female owned and operated company. I can not recommend Trayvino Wine Company enough - to anyone; wine enthusiasts or not - grab your closes girlfriends, a charcuterie board and get ready for a trip to the vineyard! I hope you enjoy this event as much as I did.

Shop local. Support local. Be sure to check out Trayvino Wine Company here.

Thanks for reading and happy sipping!


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