Working From Home Tips

Good morning and Happy Monday!

UGH! I have no idea how people do this every day, and by this, I mean work from home! This is so much harder then I thought!

As I sit here with my laptop, my notebook and a cup of coffee; I find my eyes wandering and looking for anything else to do but work.

Now. Let's be honest. Obviously, I'm not very good at this whole work from home thing as I sit here and type up a blog post... LOL

ANYWAYS! Today I'm sharing all my best tips for working from home!

Set an alarm

Ensure that you wake up at the same time each day! Stick to a routine!

Make your bed

Making your bed every morning ensures that you start your day off right; it also leads to productivity and lowers stress.

Get ready for the day

I don't know about you but, I feel most productive when I am ready for the day! A by that, I mean showered, dressed, and my makeup and hair done. Nothing good comes out of 'trying' to work in pyjamas.

Eat healthy

Start your day off right with breakfast! I can't stress this enough - breakfast is so important. It kick-starts your metabolism and fuels your body for the day. Without breakfast I'd be a mess... just ask my mom.

Enjoy your coffee

Like most people... if not everyone, I start everyday with a large, hot coffee!


I love lists! Having something to follow ensures that I can check off all my tasks for the day and keep me organized throughout the week.

Set up your workspace

Whether you have a desk space at home or your turning the kitchen table into a make shift desk, it is important to set up a proper workspace. Add a plant or candle to spruce it up!

Get fresh air

I function best with little breaks here and there. I always start my morning by opening my blinds and windows to let in fresh air. I also suggest going outside for a walk - this is a great way to stay active and to refresh your brain.

Transitioning from working in the office to working at home can be tough - I hope that these tips will help you with the transition.

What are your best tips for working from home?


The Blonde Traveler

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